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Posted by A Cord of Three, Event Specialists on October 30, 2011 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (2)

 Friday night, Aug 26 - The team drove to Batangas on Friday night for the 3am call time the next day. It wasn’t an easy drive. Between Batangas to Tagaytay, the lights of the jeepney right in front of us were my only guide. It was like driving in the clouds! I couldn’t see ANYTHING! I gave up, tried to pull up on the side of the road and asked E or C to take over, but as I was about to pull over, the manong tricycle driver behind us decided to lead us through the fog (we hired them to bring in some stuff from Tagaytay to Batangas because a supplier didn’t have a delivery truck available). Thank God for locals who are used to driving through fog! 

Grabbing a quick bite at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

About 9 p.m., same evening - Arrived in Batangas with just enough time to do a quick ocular of the setup and to meet up with the bride, Menchie, and her family. It wasn’t raining that hard---yet. The wind was strong though. But I had high hopes that God will hear my request to have a rain-free event.

Close to midnight, same day – We tried on our new uniforms. They were not hideous, but they didn’t fit perfectly, and I bet it’s because even if our “mananahi” already had our cloth 3 weeks ago, she just chose to start sewing our stuff the day before we left. Talk about cramming. C had to sew the uniforms before we went to bed.

Past midnight – I kept waking up because I had the flu and I sort of had to keep myself aware that I could only rest a bit, that I had to get up at 3am for an event, because once rest sets in and the adrenaline goes down, my body would give in to the flu. Mind over matter. C was on the phone constantly, talking to M, because M and her sister S were driving to Batangas in zero visibility. They made it to Batangas at exactly 2:56am, I got up to give them space to nap, and I started getting ready.

3:50 am, Aug 27 – One new message. Faye Young, our MUA, texted that she was almost there. I called our driver and went to the bridal suite. No rain---yet.

4 am, Aug 27 – I was at the bridal suite. Kittin, the MOH, and Carisse and Carmi, bridesmaids, were done showering and were getting ready for hair and makeup. The rest of our team and the MUA arrived shortly, and HMU began.

Between 4 and 5 am – RAIN. Lots of it. And strong winds. Just great. We had suppliers who were commuting to the venue, and I was worried. We received no texts nor calls from them at this time though.

Found this video on youtube. This was how it looked like in Tagaytay that day:

6 a.m. – Supplier check….AGAIN. We don’t usually do this, unless the suppliers are really late for their call times, but we needed to know for sure if they were having any trouble getting to Batangas. They were all okay. CJ of Threelogy & Dino Lara arrived shortly. Yay! ☺

7 a.m. – Got confirmation from E that all suppliers were present and doing their thing at the reception. Those who commuted were there safe and on time. Praise God!

Fast forward to 9:10 a.m. – I kept looking out the door of the hotel asking God to clear the skies. I don’t want the bride, Menchie, to get wet, and with the rain and wind that day, there was no way we could keep her dry once we get to the chapel.

10 a.m. – We couldn’t get Menchie out of the bridal car. There’s just too much rain! She had a long train and an even longer veil. Not just yet. The rain stopped for a few minutes and we all rushed to get her out of the car. Did I say a few minutes? Make that a few seconds. It rained hard again. And we all got wet. It took about 3, 4, or maybe 5 (I don’t remember, I lost count) umbrellas to TRY to keep the bride and her gown dry. I was worried that she’d break into tears. She didn’t. She was smiling---the biggest and brightest smile I’ve ever seen on her since we started planning her wedding. Laughing even. She kept saying that she was cold.

Here’s Menchie’s photo which was posted by Dino Lara on his website as his B&W photo the week after the wedding

A little past 10 a.m. – She stood by the entrance of the chapel. We couldn’t do the closed door bridal entrance, she’d soak in the rain if we did. The somewhat wet train and veil was set down by the people who helped get her out of the car. I asked E to cue the bridal march. I looked and smiled at Menchie. I kept telling her that this was it, that we were here now and everything would be fine, and that she could start walking as soon as she felt ready. I don’t know if she heard me, but she still had that big smile on her face. She looked at me once, then she heard her cue from the choir (the words of the bridal song started). She started walking.

The Ceremony – It went smoothly. Until I saw Menchie trying to catch her breath. Rats! Was she having an asthma attack? I didn’t know. I remember her telling me that she felt cold earlier. I fought the urge to approach them. The groom was trying to soothe her, and I asked Kittin to check if she was okay. Then I saw her breathing slow down. Good.

It was a very personal ceremony. Their vows did not contain the usual words we hear in personal wedding vows (I’m not going to say what those are, but I know you know them). They picked their words perfectly, but they stayed true and sincere. And then the waterworks started. Everyone was in tears! Including C and I.

The Reception – They didn’t hire a professional host. Carmi, the sister of the bride, bridesmaid, and a dear friend of mine, was the main host, and several friends introduced each part of the program. They all did great and the program ran smoothly. The couple surprised the guests by singing the first part of their couple’s first dance, and then danced to the second part. I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew they rehearsed it, but they looked at each other as if they were just dictating the next step to each with their eyes and smiles. It was teamwork/ partnership at its finest. No… it was the beginning of them being one.

Carmi, the bride’s sister, who was one of the bridesmaids, also hosted the reception program.

RV and Menchie singing the first part of their first dance song, “Til I Met You”

Here they are enjoying their first dance ☺

Needless to say, Dino’s photos and Threelogy’s SDE made everyone cry….again. And as RV, the groom, closed the program and the after-party started, I looked out the window and thought, “Now how the heck do we go back to Manila with all that rain?”. Just kidding.

Team AC3 with the Recto sisters, the newly weds, RV and Menchie, and typhoon Mina at the background.

Everything was yellow (with touches of blue…;). Menchie wanted everything yellow. Yellow gowns, yellow flowers for the entourage, yellow centerpieces…I witnessed multiple squabbles because of the yellow theme during the start of the preps! Hahaha! It may not have been a sunshiny day. But Menchie’s smile, was definitely hard to miss, and it was enough to brighten up that stormy day. At the end of it all, she looked at her sisters and said, “Now you can’t diss the yellow!” Yes. Now we can’t. She was talking about the flowers and the gowns. I’m talking about her big and bright smile.

God heard our prayer for clear skies, but he wanted us to get the yellow. And now we do. ☺

Guevara-Recto Wedding, Aug 27, 2011

KASALAN 2011 Part 2

Posted by A Cord of Three, Event Specialists on October 7, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Visit our booth at Kasalan Bridal Fair 2011, Megatrade Hall 2 on October 14-16, 2011.

We will be giving added discount/freebies for On the Spot Bookings. See you there!

But for couples who cannot be physically there, we will extend our Kasalan 2011 offer to Overseas/Online Bookings from October 14-16, 2011

2 meetings and 3 eggs

Posted by A Cord of Three, Event Specialists on August 13, 2011 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

One weekend, 2 major meetings and 3 eggs.  That's how I would sum up this post.  It's Doctor-Doctor #3's final planning stages, and it's R&R's initial planning stage.  Both meetings were highly stressful, but both were highly entertaining as well.  When you have all 3 of us in  a meeting, it's kind of like watching watching an episode of a comedy program :P.  We take the business seriously, but we also don't see the point of being so stressed with the planning...after all, we are planning for a happy event, right?? :D

The best thing about being business partners with your friends is that your usual gimmicks turn into something productive.  We get to have fun and do something worthwhile at the same time.  We banked on the friendship when we first started the biz, and now, more than just being friends, we're a great team :). 

During events, there are tasks and decisions that could be made and executed by just one person, but there are also major decisions that require more than 1 brain, and this is where our teamwork comes in.  And since there are 3 of us, the 2 versus 1 rule has given us an advantage whenever we needed to make quick decisions on major issues.  Each brings a set of skills to the table that we use in running the biz and in planning/ coordinating our events.  We learn from each other's skills and improve our own as well. Ain't that great? :D  hehe.  I guess it's an advantage also---you get all three of us, plus our assistant coordinators during your event.

Yes, it's true---not all friendships could turn out to be good business partnerhips.  This one works though.  And for that, we are thankful :)


C, E & G

On the Royal Wedding - Prince William, Princess Kate, and their "happily ever after"

Posted by A Cord of Three, Event Specialists on April 29, 2011 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

When we plan weddings, we fuss about all the details---who’s the best gown designer, who will do the photography and videography, who does the catering, what flowers do we get… We go thru the nitty-gritty of finding the best suppliers that our couples could afford. We work on the “fluff” and the “frou-frou” and we make sure that there’s not much of it if the couple just wants something simple. And on the day of the wedding, we work ourselves to the bone to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding was different. Ironically, it looked simple and regal at the same time. Despite the high profile couple and guests, it didn’t seem so difficult to pull off, but I guess the organizers would have a different opinion on that. There’s no other word to describe it though so I’ll cut right to the chase…It was perfect. Everything about it was perfect.

Pippa Middleton was a model maid of honor. Aside from the fact that she looked absolutely stunning in her white maid of honor dress, she played her part really well. Right when Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey, she was at the entrance, ready to take care of the bride. She dutifully helped her get out of the car and carried her train and set it down meticulously as they prepared for the processional. She was conscious of Kate’s needs before, during and after the ceremony.

The flower girls and the bearers (in England, they’re called bridesmaids and pages) were all so well-behaved!! Every wedding planner/ coordinator’s dream! It’s best to pick school-aged flower girls and bearers to minimize the chances of them throwing a tantrum during the ceremony.

 Here they are with auntie Pippa:

See how they all just stayed in their places just before the processional began.

And here they are with the newly weds. Awww, I could imagine them with kids already! They’d have a beautiful family, don’t you think?:D

Remember when Prince Harry turned around during the processional? He said something to Prince William which made the groom break the tradition of not looking at the bride until she’s right beside him (yes, he turned to look at her, check out the videos again). He said, “Right, she’s here now. Wait ‘til you see her…”. Well at least that’s how lip readers interpreted what he said :) That’s actually sweet, for a brother-in-law to appreciate how gorgeous the bride looks on the wedding day, enough to excite the groom. There’s nothing like having your in-laws appreciate you right off bat :)


And lastly, right when Kate arrived beside Prince William after the processional, lip readers (aka Erika, haha) said that the Prince told her that she looks beautiful.

 It doesn’t take much to have a beautiful wedding. You just need family members who love you enough to take care of you during your big day and appreciate you, a loving husband who couldn’t wait to see how beautiful you look, and people who wish you well :)

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Prince William and Princess Kate! We truly wish for your happily ever after.:)

Since it is the month of love...we're spreading the love!

Posted by A Cord of Three, Event Specialists on January 25, 2011 at 9:11 AM Comments comments (0)

AC3 welcomes the month of love with a special discount for couples who wish to avail of our Turn-over or Full Coordination Package! First 10 couples to book during the promo period will get 10% off on Turn-over or Full Coordination!! This is on top of our freebies =) Promo period is from Jan. 26, 2011- Feb. 28, 2011.


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